Monday, January 31, 2011

sagittarius~~pisces = cinta aneh??hehe


Freak in Bed.
High sex appeal.
Rare to find.
Great when found.
So much love to give
Not one to mess wit
Very romantic.
Nice to everyone They meet.
Silly, fun and sweet


Caring and kind
Center of attention.
Too Sexy, DAMN IT.
Very high sex appeal.
Has the last word.
The best to find, hardest to keep.
Fun to be around.
Freak in the sheets
Extremely weird but in a good way.
Super good in bed.
Good Sense of Humor!!!
A partner for life

ok...klu tgk sifat2 yg ak copy kt tenet ni,bg ak mmg seswai kot cinta kebykn yg ak bce sagi xseswai ngn pisces.cinta aneh depa kata.cittt!!!bkn ley caye bnd2 cmni.jst tok suke2 je..hehe..yg ak paling suke sifat sagi kt ats ni...RARE TO FIND..hahaha.siyes r mamat ni bangge.rare 1 dlm sejuta r ak akui r.n die sggtt romantik.yeke?hahaha..lg 1 yg klaka..freak on bed?? komen..sifat ak lak sume ak suke.kbykan betol..ak mmg pelik tp in gu way r..xd r pelik smpai org ngat ak giler..gud sense of humor.hahahaha.yeah!!!dats me..toooo sexy??no no mybe(sexy inside)feewiitt..A PARTNER FOR yg syg crik kn?syg xkn menyesal kapel ngn mama..yayunk mmg syg papa gler n i will b ur partner 4eva...cinta kta aneh?cnta kta gla?ape2 je..da most imprtant thing..we happy 2gather..muaahhhxxx!!!

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